Mafioso: business as usual is an upcoming real time action-strategy game, based on activities of actual modern crime organizations. During the Campaign you will embody either the leader of a small crew of Italian-origin mobsters, Japanese Yakuza members or a Voodoo Posse. Guided by an intense storyline you'll go for the top position in your Syndicate, while building your own huge empire of crime and corruption, compete rival crime organizations, set up prostitution rings, gambling dens, run drug production & distribution, forgeries, raise extortion rackets, accept and fulfill assassination contracts. Live out the other, darker side of the American Dream and come to know the realities behind the Crime World, the traditions of specific syndicates and methods of accumulating wealth in the crime scene.

To start a short introduction, please tell us something about yourself and the team you're working with.

Hello to all the gamers out there! My Name is Piotr Piotrowski, I'm the Lead Game Designer of Mafioso and one of its first-line Programmers. I cover most of the issues regarding the structure of how the game plays, that is most of the game design and concept development. I also co-worked with our Lead Programmer on the game engines design and am working now on the AI and many gameplay modules within the game. We here at Nawar Studios are a rather small group of sophisticated young people from all across our country and even with some help from Germany. Some of us have former game industry experience, but most are recruited due to their talents and dedication to what we do. And what we do is - trying to do the best games we are capable of.

What is the current development phase of Mafioso? How much work have you done already?

We’re on it for 18 months now and the development progress is healthy - the main engine technology is stable, most of the art assets are created. So far, the progress can be translated roughly as some 60%. We're actually wrapping up our non-public publisher demo. So there's still plenty work left.

When did the idea come up to make a game about the Mafia world?

The initial idea came up early 2002, and back then the concept had been much smaller then the actual project size. At first we intended to involve themes of East European mobs (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish), but we finally decided to go for far more multi-cultural themes, that more people can identify with.

Where have you mainly taken the inspiration?

The most heavy inspiration came from the movies and the real world rather than other games. For us, it is important to create a specific flair in Mafioso. ęłęóThat you can only achieve by gathering inspiration from countless gangster-themed books, movies, TV Shows and also inspiring by other games, of course. I would say, "Gangsters: Organized Crime" and "Legal Crime" were two such sources, but we also looked at some other classic titles to develop principles for combat, character creation and in-game diplomacy.

Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN

Do you worry about the competition already released (Gangland, Chicago 1930)?

I don't see that point. Without those games, there would be no fresh titles to this genre right now.
I think, these games have similarities, but are far from being equal or clone looking, so is Mafioso either. We try to develop high quality content to a rather fresh game genre.ęłęó All we as developers can really do is try to make the best games we can and hope that PC oriented strategy titles will become as popular again, as they once were.

Tell us something about the main plot? Who is the main character? Can a player choose anybody from the city?

In Single Player Mafioso features three Campaigns with a focus on each main character from a different Crime Syndicate. Those are: A young Associate of the Italian-origin La Cosa Nostra, who spent the last years in prison, A gorgeous female Yakuza Assassin, and A Houngan (Voodoo Priest) of the Caribbean Voodoo Posse. Played in the correct order those chapters tell one complete story, which I am not going to spoil right here.

What can you tell us about the combat?
Is it turn based or real time oriented? How many weapons will Mafioso contain?

Mafioso is technically all real-time, but as the player you are in full control of the in-game time speed - you can pause the action at any time and issue orders to any of your crewmembers. Additionally there’s a slow motion modus and the possibility to increase the speed by up to 10 times. On top of that the game also has 'auto break' points. You can set the action to pause when specified conditions are triggered, e.g. crew member goes below 25% health, falls unconscious, runs out of ammo, police is spotted, etc. To ensure really comfortable and clean tactical unit control during combat, we came up with a unique system of order assignment and visualization. Given the high number of units to delegate in game, it greatly helps to master combat and to keep a cool head even in the utmost complex ambushes and otherwise hectic firefights. Details however, are not to be revealed yet. In Mafioso you will have access to a decent arsenal of about 30 types of weapons (ranged and melee. Such as, baseball bats, katana swords, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault and sniper rifles, etc.). According to the high level of realism, that is important to us, ęłęóall items resemble modern day equivalents, no Sci-fi. But the clou is, that most weapons can be customized in many ways - you can attach laser pointers, scopes or even flash lights (which provide real lighting of your surroundings, which by the way is essential for targeting).

How many mobs can a player take on a mission?

The total number of crewmembers the player can be in control of depends on his main characters' leadership abilities. In early stages of the game one will command a crew of up to 6 men plus the main character. Later on, when some of the low rank soldiers advance to Lieutenants, there will be several such crews to control. Missions however do not follow the scheme of equipping and dispatching units to a distant location, as you had in many other tactical games (such as UFO:Enemy Unknown, for example), but take place in the boundaries of the city. So you see, there is no restriction to the number of characters that can be part of the action, other then the maximum number of them in your Organization. But this kind of freedom does not come for free, of course, as your mobsters will have to leave their all-day duties, when completing tasks for you, and this means a hold in cash flow.

In what way can skills affect actions?

The skill system in Mafioso is more comparable to those seen in RPG games.
Each of the Mafioso characters has six attributes (ęłęóConstitution, Strength, Agility, Perception, Intelligence and Charisma), ten skills (such as, but not limited to: ęłęóShort Arms, Long Arms, Close Combat, Stealth, Leadership) and some special values, as stamina, morals, defense, respect and police wanted level. All actions - be it combat, professions (such as racketeering, pimping or dealing), avoiding to be spotted by the police or rivals - depend on those skills and attributes directly. Character Advancement continues this depth. All charactersęłęó gain experience in the usual sort of way (tasks, kills, but making profit as well) and undergo level-ups. On level ups they get Attribute-Points to spend on their six attributes. Skills are directly influenced by several attributes each. When attributes are being raised, the skills increase as well. On top of that, skills improve additionally when using them - characters, who fight often or train their fighting skills in dojos or at the shooting range, automatically become more skillful within these abilities.

Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN

Will it be possible to drive a vehicle? Or steal vehicles from other citizens?

Yes to both. The streets in Mafioso are full with cars. The player’s characters can access all of them. The city in Mafioso features full vehicle traffic, all cars can be hi-jacked, stolen, or even bought legally. Their main purpose is to allow characters to move faster around the city - of course, but they can be used in combat to great advantage as well. They provide cover and protection for the passengers (especially, when turned bullet proof in one of your workshops) and can also be used to run over people. Graphically the cars are done with love to detail - transparent windows, full interior, specular and environmental-mapping effects, headlights (again, real lighting of the surrounding here) - just as you would expect in a third person driving game, such as GTA3, or even far beyond that. They look great. We consider implementing motorcycles and police-horses into the game if time allows it, but that point has not been clarified yet.

We know already, that the game has an open end, what does it mean?

That means, you can continue to play after you beat the main storyline. We will integrate the possibility to play (almost) endless. After the single player campaign ends, the entire economical-diplomatic system stays active, so do the random-missions - you still can trade with other Syndicates (or fight them), raise your criminal empire for as long as you want. There's no limitation for the level of your characters.

We know that the city is huge, how will it work?
Will the game be divided into smaller section and loaded after we cross some virtual borders?

The game will have no separate maps, but a continual world (Morrowind, Gothic, Dungeon Siege). The game is set on one single huge map - a whole living city, the size of several squared miles.

Tell us something about the engine and do not forget to drop a few words about its requirements.

We use our own proprietary state of the art 3D engine - DigitalOmerta(tm), which was entirely developed by our own company. It's designed to cope with really huge amounts of 3D objects, since we have a huge urban scenario and very detailed units (the characters in Mafioso are all ~1,500 polys with more then 200 animations). We use a LOD-system (Level of Detail) for most of our objects, real-time shadows, advanced dynamic lighting, weather effects, multiple light sources projecting individual shadows, vertex shaders, T&L. various particle system-based effects, ęłęóskeleton animation and a load more of ęłęówhat modern graphics cards are capable of.  Several graphic details can be adjusted to the performance of the user’s computer configuration, so the most important hardware requirement after at least a GeForce 3 video card is having reasonable RAM.

As one of the engines programmers, let me just add, DigitalOmerta(tm) is full of rendering efficiency mojo. ;-) Mafioso is the first game this engine gives birth to, but definitely not the last one.

Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN
Mafioso EN

In which parts will the multiplayer be different from singleplayer?

The most significant aspect is, that all crime syndicates, which appear in the game, will be made available in Multiplayer. Those are: Russian Redfellas, Chinese Triads, Mexican Drug Cartel and the three factions from single player: La Cosa Nostra, Yakuza and the Caribbean Voodoo Posse.

The Multiplayer is set as a Conquer-Development Game (Civilization- or Master Of Orion-like), but there also will be some specially designed Multiplayer Modes for fast action fans.

We hear that there will be a playable demo (not a public one). Will it present all the features from the full game?

No. By no means. It is a non-public publisher demo with first impressions of playability.

Will there be a playable demo before releasing the full game? When will Mafioso be released?

A playable demo is planned shortly before the release, but the final decision is up to our publisher. I can't state an exact release date for Mafioso yet, but we hit early 2005 for the beta phase.

Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

We here at Nawar Studios are proud of what we have achieved so far as a team, and are truly looking forward into the near future when all of our hard work, sacrifice and visions come together to form a finished game. Thank You for Your interest and visit our Mafioso-Website from time to time to get last news on the progress. And keep gaming, folks!

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